Questions about your Goddess Workshops in England .....

We love everything magical and ancient Egyptian, while staying grounded and keeping it real. We are real people that worked through our own trauma and life experiences that want to offer the opportunity for people to do the same and do it in a safe space. You will laugh, cry, break down walls and build new boundaries. You will see a lot of Egypt and experience it in a way, that not many people get to do. This truly is a once in a lifetime experience, one that you will never forget.

The reason we called ourselves Goddess Temple Retreats is because when we visit Egypt on our Goddess Temple Retreats, we will not be visiting any Pyramid sites. We will be visiting Sacred Temple sites only. 

No accommadation is not included in our workshops. If you are attending one of our workshops in Glastonbury, there is lots of lovely accommodation in Glastonbury. Here are a few places that we have stayed in our selves….

A quick internet search will bring up loads of other places for you to choose from.

*We are not in partnership or advertising these accommodations. These are just places we like.*

No, we do not supply food during our  workshops, but if you are attending a work shop in Glastonbury, the town has a vast range of cafes and restaurants that can cater for all your dietary requirements. We personally highly recommend The Rainbows End Café and The Vegan Pyramid for vegan/ vegetarian food. Or you can feel free to bring your own lunch.

*We are not in partnership or advertising these Cafés or restaurants. These are just places we like.*

Nicky is a fully qualified and insured Yoga teacher and holistic practitioner.

Unfortunately, some of the Venues we use don't have disabled access due to the age of the building. But please keep an eye on our event calendar for workshops that will happening throughout the year, and we will do everything we can in regard to access.

While we are not prejudice or sexiest in anyway, most of our workshop are for cis women only. We will be holding several workshops over the year and there will be some workshops for all genders. Please check individual workshop dates.

The Yoga isn’t compulsory, but it is recommended. The Yoga flows have been specially created for each of the Goddesses. Doing the Yoga will help the energy of the Goddess you are working with flow through you. Nicky is happy to adapt the Yoga for all abilities. If you really don’t want to take part in the Yoga, you will need to leave the room. You can use this time to grab coffee, meditate or how ever you wish.

You will need to bring with you comfortable clothing so you can move freely during Yoga. If you have clothing, you would normally wear while performing rituals you are welcome to change into this for the afternoon.

The coloured clothing, we recommend for each day is......

Red, Orange and Gold for Sekhmet.

Dark Blue, Black, White and Gold for Isis.

Light Blue, Pink, Green and Gold for Hathor.

If you don’t have any clothing in these colours or ritual clothing, you would normally wear we have a variety of scarfs with different colours for you to borrow if you wish.

We will provide Yoga matts but if you would rather bring your own that is okay as well.

You will need to bring a Journal and Pen.

A drink – it will be a long day so also bring snacks if you would like. Tea and Coffee will be provided.

For day 2, Isis - you will need to bring a deity statue or image you wish to imbue. This does not need to be an Isis statue it can be any Goddess of your choosing.

In short, no we are not. The Glastonbury Goddess Temple works with the British/Celtic Goddesses, and we work exclusively with Egyptian Goddesses. We have huge love and respect for the Glastonbury Goddess Temple and if you would like to know more about them you can find them HERE.

You can contact us via phone or email. Please click HERE for our contact information. Alternatively, you can pop into The Children of Ra in Glastonbury, 16 The Gauntlet, St Johns Square BA6 9QL and have a face to face chat with Cara.